Veteran Musician Warns Gibo Pearson Against Cheap Stunts



Gibo Pearson and his wife during the wedding

The artist behind "Izathera Mapenalty", Gibo Pearson is trending on social media after finding himself in relationship Stunts with two girls.

The Phalombe based musician was according to inside sources, promoting an upcoming songstress, Minad. To make her trend instantly, Gibo Pearson faked a relationship with her, a plan that later on backfired.

During the just ended week, Pearson had a traditional wedding with his real fiance which caused toxic speculations on social media to what happened between him and Minad.

To continue covering up the poorly baked stunts, Pearson lied to his followers that he broke up with the Blantyre based artist because she was disrespectful and decided to settle with  ant-social girl.

Fans on social media were left in awkward corners, a thing that led them to start choosing sides between Minad and the current girlfriend. Some went as far as threatening Minad to an extent that she became suicidal.

Meanwhile one veteran Musician has advised Gibo Pearson to avoid such gimmicks because they dent  the image of brand.

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