Chitipa to the world: 'Nashimo', Howokire's vernacular hit song, gets trendy

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He might have had his first studio session in 2009, and since he was still in secondary school and without independent thought, Ho WO Kire real name Henry Lweya Jr, might have been brushed aside.

He has, so far, four professional albums to his name and seven compilations which include Reach Out and Touch (2011), The Time Mixtape (2014), Agents of Change Mixtape (2018), Nzaulendo Uno (2019), Za Ine (2020), Ho WO Kire (2021) and NKCM (2023).

For many artists, weighs in art and literary critic Kondwani Sichali, consistency is usually almost impossible.

"They come up with one hit song, make noise for a year, and then disappear as if they never existed on the face of the earth," Sichali posits.

According to him, since he came across Ho WO Kire's music, he never resists the urge to return to the afro-beat musician.

"His music, it seems, matures with time. His latest hit single 'Nashimo' cements just that fact. It is a must listen to song," he confesses.

In the song done in one of Chitipa's native dialects Nyiha, Ho WO Kire aesthetically plays around a trendy social mantra in which one would say there is no problem when actually there is a flurry of problems.

Ho WO Kire, a Mzuzu University graduate and formerly known as No Limit, said he has, over time, learnt to work hard and learn from others if he is to achieve any meaningful success in the industry.

"I am calling my music Nyiha Piano Music, and I think this is what other artists should do as well to promote our diverse cultures. I come from Chitipa and I am with 'Nashimo' Chitipa is well represented," Ho Wo Kire said.

Both the audio and video can be streamed on

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