Mzuni students cautioned against sleeping around with men constructing their library.



Some girls, at Mzuzu University, who are accused of sleeping around with elderly men in exchange of money, have been cautioned by the institution's registrar, Yonum Ngwira, to tread carefully when attempting to trade their bodies with men that are constructing their library. 

In a 11 paged memo dated 27th March, 2023 addressed to students, Ngwira reminds them of the marauding HIV/AIDS that is still prevalent in the world; with staggering infection rates in Malawi. 

The stern warning follows revelations that some girls at the University survive through provision of sexual services to affluent old men who in exchange, provide them with all basic necessities. 

This is happening at a time most students in universities, particularly public, bite-the-bullet in pursuit of their academic excellence due to a myriad reasons including inadequate upkeep money.

Information we gathered at the institution indicate that over half of the students go through very challenging conditions including lack of food and suitable accommodation.

The situation renders the students, particularly females, susceptible to men who offer to bail them out in exchange for unprotected sexual favours. 

Historically, wherever there is infrastructure development in Malawi contractors leave behind uncared pregnancies, babies and infections after completion of their projects. 

In Karonga and Chitipa other loudmouthed people allege that some errant people who were part of contractors of the road in the districts left behind a very strange breed of kids that wear faces of half-casts.

In nkhatabay, Rumphi and Mzimba  same allegations are levelled against some lusty infrastructural contractors. 

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