Malawian soccer players underperformance blamed on excessive drinking and bonking; "don't blame Nyamilandu, Marinica..."



Former flames striker, Jafali Chande

Some infuriated local soccer pundits are suspecting that most Malawian football players underperform in the pitch due to their excessive drinking of beer and addiction to bonking whores.

"Ma player athuwa bibida too much," fumed one of the soccer fanatics on Facebook. "Mowa wakenso kachasu ndizima spirits. The cant perform. Kumuona player ataledzera modabwisa. Let's not blame Nyamilandu. Ma player asinthe khalidwe."

Weighed in another; "nde kuli kukonda kuthila batile mwa anthu amenewa. Amachita kuthawa ku camp kuti akathile kaye batile. Mishomoli iyi singawine mpira."

The accusations come hot on the heels of successive humiliating defeats the Malawi national team have had at the hands of their Egyptian counterparts. 

The flames lost 2 nill in Egypt in their first encounter before being scorched at home by 4 goals to zero. 

"Vuto ndi Nyamilandu," others blamed the country's football governing body, the Football Association of Malawi president's Walter Nyamilandu of poor governance and overstaying his mandate. "He must leave and let others try their wits. Wakhalitsa."

"This cricket coach, Marinica nde galu wamchira amwene. His fast and furious football has failed in Malawi. He must go. Kukhala ngati chimabeta ichi," fumed another supporter. 

Ironically, the embattled coach disputed calls for his resignation, saying he needs time to build the team; atleast five years. 

"Map*ala ake Marinica mumuuze," cursed another fanatic. "Ife tikuti chizipita nde chikuyankhula zakuma..ko? Ndi galu."

The post match rants about the humiliating loss were, mostly, not suitable for publication with others blaming the tragedy on poor welfare of players. This school of thoughts postulated that most Malawian players are under paid and leaving in very pathetic conditions. 

Meanwhile, the flames needs to win all the games left, against Guinea and Ethiopia if they are to qualify for the upcoming African cup of Nations tournament slated to be hosted in Ivory Coastst. 

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