All The Modern Tumbuka Musicians Are Trash – Evanz Muzik



Rapper: Evanz Muzik

Controversial rapper, Evanz Muzik has recently been under heavy criticism following his comment on social media that says artists who make music in Tumbuka language are wack.

On his Facebook page, Evanz who is rebranding himself as Ras wrote that artists that use local languages in the country including Yao make music with good taste except Tumbuka.

“I could be wrong” wrote Maselema rapper, “but music done in Yao language is way better than music done in Tumbuka.”

Evanz is known for calling out his fellow musicians when they, according to him, release bad music.

In November, the dear mahopu architecture went on to fight with Kelly Kay and Charisma after he poorly rated their songs respectively.  

In June the rapper also trended for controversy statement when he said that northern based artists are good at complaining about unfair radio plays and not good music.

Comments monitored on social media  show mixed reactions among his followers. Some social commentators have fault the rapper saying his remarks are tribalistic.

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