Malawi's Fuel Crisis Fuels Fornication; It Has Promoted Cheating



Malawians Struggling To Buy Fuel

Another person's extremity is another person's opportunity, especially in Malawi where the ongoing fuel crisis has given some promiscuous men a chance of enjoying their 'side chicks' in the name of sleeping at the feeling station. 

In Mzuzu, Luwinga township, a man who had lied to his wife that he had gone to cue for fuel last night was caught at a lodge in Chiputula township easing his libido on another man's wife.

Witnesses confided in this writer that the husband of the wife (caught being destructed) had equally left to scramble for fuel at some filling Station. 

"So, that's when she also left to meet the man at the lodge," said the witness. 

"Unfortunately! One of the staff members at the lodge recognised the woman. I heard, while witnessing the drama, that the staff member is a girlfriend of a friend to the man whose wife was being 'eaten' so she phoned her boyfriend and that's how the husband found them in act."

After catching them, witnesses say, the promiscuous man who is working for some company as a manager in the city pleaded guilty but asked the other man for forgiveness.

"But, the other guy said he'd only forgive him after being allowed to go and sleep with the promiscuous man's wife," said the witness who is a guard at the lodge.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that the issue has been reported to police and investigations are underway. 

Malawi is facing fuel shortages that are attributed to lack of forex in the country. 

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