Kondwani Kachamba Ngwira Is Overrated- Economic Expert


Economists, Reuben Chisi has dismissed Kondwani Kachamba's initiative of turning every Malawian into a manufacturer citing that the approach has innumerable economic implications. 

Chisi who is running a consultancy film in Lilongwe, stressed in an interview on Tuesday that most of the locally manufactured products are  of very undesirable quality and can never be exported or marketed on the local market. 

Said Chisi; "this reality may seem like jealousy but take it from me, that approach has many economic implications. 

Malawians are only excited but that initiative is a flop. It won't take time before many people will discover that it's not workable."

Kachamba is running free training sessions for Malawians who aspire to be entrepreneurs and manufacturers. 

He first conducted the training in Lilongwe where thousands of Malawians attended.

The training oriented Malawians to manufacturing of soap, sugar and other consumables using locally sourced materials. 

"Malawians are just in desperate moments. Otherwise, I'm holding to my notion. Those things can't work. Look even fellow Malawians ain't buying those manufactured products. They're still vying for quality product manufactured by known industries," added Chisi.

There was no immediate comment from Kachamba who is planning similar training sessions across the country.

Meanwhile, most Malawians who have attended the trainings are giving flowers to Kachamba for giving them financial generation strategies. 

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