Nepman urged to reshoot 'Ng'ona Zam'mabango' video and include the zigubu saga



Barely minutes after releasing his anticipated video for his 'Ng'ona Zam'mabango' song, some Malawians have urged Nepman to consider either reshooting the video or include pictures of people who are toiling in filling Stations, scrambling for fuel.

Comments monitored on various platforms where the video has been shared, most fanatics are reviewing the visuals as of a good concept and quality despite missing out on pictures of struggling Malawians who are spending sleepless nights in fuel pumps. 

"Very nice video. Very touching. Nepman is a gem. However, it could have been more nice should he have included people struggling in filling Stations," reviewed Sosten Ngwira, a fanatic on a fan page. 

The video which depicts how politicians take advantage of poor Malawians is very poignant as it shows a very emotional Nepman. 

Further, the video captures how the young people are living a hopeless life as they can not find jobs even after completing their studies. 

At the publication of this article, the video which was sponsored by some Malawians had some thousand views on YouTube. 

Meanwhile, thousands of Malawians are expressing rage at the government as the fuel crisis shows no sign of stabilising soon.

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