Photo Journalist Ras Peter Kanswengwa Chronically Ill : Needs Public Interventions

Ras Peter Kanswengwa

Malawi's presidential photographer, Ras Peter Kansengwa is struggling to raise funds for his urgent referral to a hospital abroad; months after medics made the recommendation.

The photographer who is suffering from a defect of  one of his eyes and a leg requires MWK5 million to cater for medical expenses, travel and accommodation in either India or South Africa. 

Nevertheless, several efforts to raise the funds are proving futile as most Malawians are unwilling to assist the celebrated photojournalist. 

Kansengwa has several finest photographs to his credit, including a photo of Makhazi, a south African songstress, who he captured at sand music festival in the recent past. 

He has also captured finest pictures of the president Lazarus Chakwera and other notable individuals in the world. 

Meanwhile, a call is still there for all wellwishers to help him out of the quagmire of sickness that is affecting his normal operations.

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