Gangata Caught In Secret Affair; Nudes Leak



After going viral on the filling station wrangles, Alfred Gangata, a business person, is all over the social media again; this time for a bonking scandal. 

The controversial entrepreneur who is alleged to have been 'eating' another man's wife, is being vilified by a cross section of social media followers over infidelity. 

"I love sleeping with this man mr handsome bambo a Duwa" reads one of the statuses that the married lady had posted on his Facebook status. 

It is believed that the husband of the lady is the one that published this secret affair on social media. 

He posted everything, including nude pictures, that the two 'fornicators' have been transacting in during their copulation epoch.

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  1. Anonymous9:14:00 AM

    Sigangata uyu tamafunsani anthu akumzuzu tikuzeni dzina lake

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