Truth about Mzuzu wedding cancellation revealed



"Disregard the contents of the viral wedding cancellation notice authored by the disgruntled bride whose bullying behaviour costed his nuptials," relatives of the lady have stressed. 

Relatives of the lady are confiding in us, their daughter was heading for a hell of life and they had to rescue her before hand.

According to Lewis, cousin to the girl, they couldn't, as a family, help seeing their daughter being clobbered like a horse, having her face deformed while still in courtship. 

"We were afraid of leaving her in the hands of a beast. The guy is a monster. If he was beating her pachibwenzi like that mubanjamo zinakakhala bwanji?

"We are very happy people have believed the notice on the social media without our side of the story but what's important to us is that we've rescued our daughter from a fighter," said Lewis. 

Wednesday, the social media was awash with reports that a wedding that was slated for the weekend had been cancelled on grounds that the lady was cheating. 

"That is the voice of a disgruntled man. Ours was not cheating. We saved him from a beast of a man," he added. 

Meanwhile, more revelations are raining in on the issue as the man insists, he resorted to cancelling the wedding because his lady was cheating on him.

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