Sunny Money partners Ministry of education in Dedza; installing solar panels in schools



Dennis Imaan Presenting Awards To The Winners

Sunny money, a company specialised in solar energy services, has been hailed, by education authorities in Dedza, for its concerted efforts aimed at improving the quality of education in the district. 

The company which installed solar energy in 17 schools in the district, for learners extended studies, is also sponsoring a football and  netball tournament. 

Speaking during the Launch of the tournament, Primary school Education Advisor for Mankhamba Zone Esinta Selemani said, she was excited for what Sunny Money had in store for the zone.

Selemani said she was very happy to be part of the project which started in 2018 and she can see the change that has come because of the solar lights Sunny Money installed in schools.

She said; "Students have benefited from this initiative. The numbers are improving for those being selected to secondary schools."

The launch was a huge success and the  people in Dedza district including the students are excited  about the initiative. 

The football games that were played in Dedza by  Mua Primary school and Kaonga Primary school and netball games that were played   by Bondo primary school and Mtakataka Primary school are  part of an even bigger tournament which is to come where the  selected  17 schools which Sunny Money opened  solar lights libraries in, will complete against each other.

Bondo primary School vs Mtakataka Primary School Netball Game

Thepurpose of these games is to root out the best talents among the students for further grooming so that they may succeed in their talents.

It is expected that the selected students will be assigned to various mentors in various careers including those established in Football and Netball.

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