AB Deevado's Do it right 2023 album set for release next year



roots reggae musician : AB Deevado

After releasing his first-ever album called _Conformity_ years ago, and too, other singles in between, up-and-coming roots reggae musician by the name AB Deevado is in studios again, this time around with a fresh album.

It will be titled _Do it right 2023_, and it is currently being recorded live at Sound Addicts in Lilongwe, backed by Fresh Art band.

The new album is slated for release next year, and no stone is left unturned over the project which will also feature others including Provoice, Queen Fyah, Nonymous and as well Sean Morgan.

AB Deevado said the philosophy in the collection is 17th Service which emphasises on doing things the right way.

"My passion remains to educate, inform and warn people to do things rightly, and in the process creating progressive and supportive communitities around," he emphasized.

Meanwhile, the musician has released two new video extracted from the same album, titled _Zidze zozama_ and _Reborn in Covid-19_.

The former is tackling problems affecting young people; where he laments it has been ages the youths have been promised things by various factions of people especially politicians, but up to date, nothing tangible has been implemented on the ground.

AB Deevado was born Andrew Bishop Mkandawire and his passion in reggae music was driven by Bob Marley, Ijahman Levi and Don Carlos, among others as he grew up listening to them.

Some of the already-released songs from the album include _Love is about giving_, _Me love you_, _Undikonde_, _Zidze zozama_ and _Reborn in Covid-19_.

He is also slated to perform at Tumaini Festival in the month of November this year.

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