Mzuzu Fan Seekers Feel sidelined By Events Organisers; "Wakutitinkha."



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Some irate leisure seekers in Mzuzu city have bemoaned the favouritism of most corporate event organisers who view people from northern region as conservatives. 

Ranting in a WhatsApptsapp forum, ahead of Kizz Daniel concert, some fan seekers lamented the corporate world for marginalising people from the northern region when it comes to hosting of events. 

"Apa Pekha quota system yendepo. Why hosting big  events in Lilongwe and Blantyre only? Ise kutitola kuti ndise wachimizi Kuno? Uzeleza uwo mukukwenyerezga nawo you the bank guys and all event organisers," fumed a seemingly overzealous fan seeker in the watsapp forum.

He said; "and, another irritating thing these ethnocentric idiots do is pala kuno wawenge naka event, they invite artistes from Kumwera kwawo kuko uko as if we ain't having artists here. Mbuwemi yayi."

Dawn Dungwi, a promoter and founding manager of Dungwi creations, echoed the lamentations. 

"And, worse still, when they host events in their favourite cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe they hardly hire artists from here. Maybe we're not Malawians," he said.

This publication, nevertheless, understands that Mibawa television will be hosting a live concert in Mzuzu the same weekend that Kizz Daniel will perform in Lilongwe. 

"Ise ndise tukhumba Gwaladi asi nthena? Vindere," bellowed another fan seeker, seemingly an avid drunkard.

Historically, this publication has learnt that there haven't been any noteworthy concert in Mzuzu, involving international acts, since its becoming a city some decades ago. 

Other event organisers have attributed the status quo to the reluctance by most people in Mzuzu to pay for shows.

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Speaking on condition of anonymity, the event manager disclosed that hosting a serious concert in Mzuzu is a risk.

"Anthu osalowa show ngati akumpoto sinaone ine. They can't pay show ya serious. And managing event is a serious investment. Akhalike but hosting a serious show in Mzuzu nchibwana," he said.

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