Martse's death narratives unsatisfactory! The world demands substantive info.



The mysterious fire that led to the death of Martse, Malawi's departed local hiphop artist, might remain a cause for intense speculations as people, including cabinet ministers, remain unsatisfied with explanations, even those from the family. 

While others speculate that the fire began from an electric fault, others are bent on innuendos that it might have started from a cigarette that one of the people who were in the house left lighting. 

Others claim that the fire began from a candle that was left lighting the house when electricity was out. 

Alas! Satanism is not spared. Others believe that the artist was being haunted by other artists who were wooing him to join some secret cult.

People waited on the family to clear the mist.

However, the explanation by one of the family members only evoked boos as people were left with unanswered questions when what they could hear was that the 'Mwano' legend first managed to escape the fire but got burnt when he returned in the house. 

In their eulogy, ministers of Youth and Tourism, Richard Chimwendo Banda and Michael Usi, both implored the family and the police to investigate the issue and provide the public with substantive information. 

On his part, minister of National Unity, Timothy Mtambo urged people to stay calm and stop spreading conspiracies, saying, they would only cultivate confusion to the family and a country as a whole. 

Martse, Martin Nkhata, died at Queen Elizabeth hospital, Blantyre, after a short battle with burns he sustained in a mysterious fire accident that happened in Mangochi where he went for vacation.

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