Mzuzu artist goes missing after Malawians rubbished his album.


Search has been launched for Dick B, one of Mzuzu's most celebrated artist who went missing some days ago, after Malawians seemed to have snubbed his album. 

The 20 year old artist was last seen, at his home, in Mchengautuwa township five days before the publication of this article, and his family and followers have been in heaven and hell, searching for him.

Dick B, Tambulani Banda, was first introduced to the limelight by his 'welcome to Malawi' song, which saw him being featured in most urban music shows in Malawi and Tanzania. 

Posting on his Facebook page, his brother, Vickie Banda, calls upon Malawians to help in bringing the missing artist home.

Reports indicate that Dick B was frustrated after his album got snubbed by everyone, including his friends and relatives who kept on describing him as a whack artist. 

Seperate hearsays posit that the artist might have gone to Zambia to try his luck.

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