Wendy Favour Harawa rescues two babies from fangs of death in Mzuzu.



While others may have competed for Wendy Favour Harawa's 'Akuona Challenge' for fun, for Isaac Msiska (Lick C), he needed the prize for the competition to save the lives of his twin babies, who were in the valleys of shadows of death.

Barely a week after his recording studio (which was his sore source of income) was ransacked by thugs, Msiska recalls, his kids, Jathum and Josiah, were striken by high fever. 

The situation was helpless!

"We took them to public hospitals, but there were no mediacal supplies for treating the kids. We became worried when they referred us to private clinics because I had no money. Everyone within my circles had no money either,'' he accounted.

Msiska, a budding vocalist and vocal therapist based in Mchengautuwa township, Mzuzu is in the wagons of unemployment irrespective of his several academic and professional credentials.

"My entire family is all thankful to Wendy Favour Harawa. What she did, i believe, was angelic. She saved the lives of my twins, Josiah and Jothum. The prize she gave me for coming first in the challenge was timely," said Msiska, in somber tone.

He added, with tears rolling down his cheeks; "When i was competing for the challenge, my kids were in the hospital. The situation was, according to doctors, requiring money. I had nothing. Literally nothing. I tried some piece works. Nothing! That's when i got winds that I had won the challenge."

Msiska, 25 years old, described the MWK100,000 that Harawa gave him as timely.

"It was a stitch in time. I used the money to sort out everything at the hospital. My kids were saved, and i remained with some money from the MWK100,000 which helped to sort out somethings here at home," he said.

As a young advocate for girls empowerment, Msika still desires to see her wife getting back to school. She withdrew due to financial glitches before she could sit for her end of semester exams at Mzuzu Business College.

"She was about to sit for her end of semester exams, in a community development class, when financial glitches denied her a chance. I tried all means possible. Nothing worked out," recalled Lick C.

"As an alternative to still send her back to school," he disclosed. "I've recorded an album, for free, at my friends studio which if people can buy massively, can help me achieve my dreams."

In a separate interview, Failth (Wife to Msiska) and her parents disclosed that they are yearning to meet Wendy Harawa to thank her in person.

"We need to meet up with her. she did a very commendable job to us. She is a good person. Extend this message to her. We thank her, and above all, we dearly want to thank her in person," said Banda.

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