US Science teacher arrested for vaccinating student with COVID-19 jab


The US Science teacher, Miss Russo has been arrested for illegally vaccinating  student with COVID-19  jab, according to BBC.

The biology teacher, Russo, who does not have medical qualifications is alleged to have vaccinated the 17 year old student at her home after the student had  told her that he wanted the pfizer vaccine which is for under 18.

The teacher did not even seek consent of his parents as  she just took the jab and vaccinated the child.

However, this did not please   his parent, and they reported the matter to police  who apprehended the teacher on New year's Eve.

According to BBC report, " Injections can be dangerous if administered incorrectly. Doctors and licenced medical workers have to verify that a vaccine is not counterfeit or expired. Patients should also be asked about their medical history and have their reaction monitored after a jab".

The police officials says they don't know where she got the said vaccine, and  are not certain if it was Pfizer or not.

In a video of the incident shows the teacher telling the student ; " you will be fine. I hope,".

A statement  issued by the  Herrricks  High  school, where teacher works,  signed by  Superintendent says they have suspended her to pave way for investigation into the matter.

" is a district employee who has been removed from the classroom and reassigned pending the outcome of the investigation," spells out part of the statement.

Police has since charged her with unauthorized  practice of profession. The case will commence in court on 12 January 2022. Russo  might face custodial sentence of four years, if convicted.

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