Perils of pursuing music career in the 'dead north'



Don Gogo, formally, Mady P is fast losing his fanbase. He is, as fanatics put it, not as hot as before, when he was based in Lilongwe, where it is apparently easy for an artist to thrive in musical career. In the northern region, where gogo is based now, nobody has ever made it. It is a 'dead north.'

In an interview, Jimmy Banda, a music promotor based in Mzuzu, said, much as the city hobours a good crop of artists, it is not easy to promote them owing to inumnerable reasons.

"Well, it is a mystery. You can't understand it. We really have good artists here but, most of them are in stagnation. They're not thriving in their careers," said Banda of JBG music promotion.

"One of the reasons is that most people here in don't have the heart of supporting each other. They would rather pull you down than supporting you. It's a problem."

Dungwi Stonards of Dungwi events and music promotion concurred with Banda. He added. Resource mobilization is another problem. Most artists can not manage to mobilise reasources to support their art.

"Music like any other business, requires financial investment. You need studio fees, promotion and all that. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, most good artists struggle to finance their careers," said Stonards.

Che Wikise, Frank Chawinga, the Chikamphulikile fame, failed disgracefully, to attain a good fanbase when he was still plying his music business in the 'dead north.'

"I knew Abusa years ago with good RnB songs like Mwina Suziwa and good hooks he did for several artists in the northern region. He was very good. In fact, better than he is now," said Vocalist Lick C, a struggling artist in Mzuzu.

"Lady pace was another good artist. She used to do good music while here," added Vocalist Lick C. "But, she failed to make fame. To my surprise. He began going viral only when he crossed over to Blantyre."

But why is it so difficult to make it musically in the northern region?

"Several reasons," puts it Enock Banda, a Music promotor. "One of which is lack of support. Piracy and passion. Most people are not supportive thus they just share pirated music. It's a gamble."

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