Gwamba calls his fans fake



One of most decorated local rappers, Gwamba, has said he has no fans on Tweeter! He called his Twitter followers and fans opinionated and basically haters.

In an exclusive interview with Zonse Live, Mbama hit maker revealed that he respect Facebook over Twitter fans.

"Facebook fans are loyal and supportive"  said Gwamba, Tweeter followers are full of opinions and I can not apologize to them over something if they want me to."

Over the past week, Twitter was flooded with intriguing remarks towards the self claimed Hip-hop landlord for being mean towards his followers and fans.

Major 1 Records signed rapper tweeted that he loves Quest's why challenge song, then fan said it was poorly produced before Gwamba told the fan to get a better phone.

This provoked the fan who fired heavy shots back towards the rapper saying he depend on Prophet Bushiri to get money.

Meanwhile, Gwamba and  his producer are out of the country to Soutt Africa where they are expected to do do some collaborations.

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