The Zeze, Dorothy ‘Kingstons’ show on Friday was mere farts

Malawi Heat


The hype that the so-called ‘Kingstons Reality Show’ derived, across social media platforms, made, I am sure, so many would-be viewers expectant of a great series of action ahead.

It was, however, not the case. The premiere aired on Times TV last Friday did not only—I am sure—make thousands of viewers disappointed but also mad. It was below standard.

Of course, there is a chance that this being the first episode, the producers wanted to let the viewers know their ‘new friends’ from their own mouths.

But is that the way to go? Those behind the Kingston’s story should know better that good characterization is done through action, especially dialogue, etcetera. From the very first episode, I think the show was a flop – literary wise. We weren’t supposed to be told, we were supposed to be showed the action.

And, after all, there was nothing new, really, to watch as we were meant to see footages of Zeze performances, drinking parties and NyaShonga’s office and her K3 million-Kamuzu-Academy fees loudmouth.

But I believe they still have time to improve. We just begun a leap year!



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