Felistus Nya-uyu Ngwira’s entertainment genius, and…

Malawi Heat


Privileged to have collaborated with some incredible creatives in the Malawian space, and I must say, Felistus Nya-uyu Ngwira is truly exceptional. Our paths crossed in 2018, and since that night at the World Albinism Day event, I've witnessed her remarkable journey, asserting herself as a powerful force in the male-dominated entertainment industry.

Nyauyu's Facebook Live Streaming programs, Mijedo or Vilekeke Tv, are not just mature but bring influential guests that only top-tier talent can attract. Her hosting skills are unparalleled, exuding energy and vibes that captivate any audience. She's not just a local talent; she's a global host, leaving me in awe every time I see her gracefully host weddings and engagements.

Beyond the limelight, she's a certified masseuse with a thriving massage parlor – a place to unwind after she's worked wonders on your emotional stress over the years. I am a witness of how soothing her massages are on your body and mind.

This year, witness the Queen of Vilekeke expand her realm. If you want your brand to soar with the Queendom, connect with



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