Makhadzi Expresses Delight at Sand Music Festival, Playfully Considers Marrying Malawian Suitors


Makhadzi, the celebrated South African female musician, expressed her deep joy and gratitude for the incredible love and support she received during the recently concluded Sand Music Festival. So enchanted by Malawi and the warm reception, she even canceled other scheduled performances to prioritize the festival. Makhadzi humorously remarked that she wouldn't mind marrying Malawian boys, as she felt such a strong connection to the country, considering it her second home.

Malawi, often known as the "Warm Heart of Africa," has long been revered for its friendly and welcoming people who embrace visitors with open arms and radiant smiles. It comes as no surprise that Makhadzi experienced a profound sense of peace, love, and tranquility during her time in Malawi, which playfully led her to entertain the idea of marrying a Malawian.

Let us, as Malawians, continue to uphold our reputation of being good-hearted individuals, spreading kindness and warmth wherever we go.

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