"Driemo Cancels Blantyre Arts Festival Performance in Favor of Jay Jay Cee's Album Launch"


In an unexpected turn of events, popular artist Driemo has announced his withdrawal from the highly anticipated Blantyre Arts Festival (BAF), scheduled for October 7th this year.

Driemo, who had initially accepted the booking to perform at the annual event, recently took to his Facebook page to explain his decision and the reasoning behind it.

According to Driemo, fellow artist Jay Jay Cee had announced the launch of his album on the same dates as the festival, leading Driemo's management to make the difficult choice of prioritizing the album launch.

Recognizing the significance of an album launch in an artist's career, Driemo's statement clarified that their management decided not to promote the festival for which they had been booked. Instead, they offered to perform for free at Jay Jay Cee's album launch event.

The statement further expressed disappointment with the last-minute promotional efforts by the BAF organizers, which caught both artists off guard. The lack of proper coordination and communication appears to have played a role in Driemo's decision.

Driemo extended apologies to the Blantyre City Council and the BAF organizers for any inconvenience caused by his sudden withdrawal. The statement concluded by noting that Jay Jay Cee's album launch has been rescheduled to November 4th this year.

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