"Zonke Too Fresh's Latest Track 'Nkati' Urges Listeners to Evaluate Their Friendships"


Zonke during Nkati music video shoot

Zonke Too Fresh has made a powerful comeback with his latest track titled "Nkati."

Following the success of his recent hit "Kambuzi," Zonke, the pioneer of the popular Zonke style, is once again making waves in the music industry.

With "Nkati," Zonke emphasizes the significance of purposeful friendships, urging listeners to evaluate the value their friendships bring to their lives.

What sets this song apart is Zonke's remarkable ability to weave profound and relatable lyrics together.

When asked about the inspiration behind "Nkati," Zonke explained, "I've noticed a prominent influence of friendships among the younger generation that often leads to animosity and mental struggles. This largely stems from making poor choices when it comes to friendship."

He further added, "As young individuals, we must be cautious of the people we surround ourselves with, as they can either guide us towards success or derail us from our goals. It's crucial to have friends who genuinely support us and have our best interests at heart."

This sentiment is beautifully captured in the lyrics of "Nkati," where Zonke expresses his yearning for friends who can provide guidance and help him make the right life decisions.

He sings, "Ndikufuna azinzanga omandisapotela... omandiuza chilungamo uku sikolowera... Omandiuza dollar uzisungila... ndikufuna omandiuza ndizamange nyumba...," emphasizing the importance of distinguishing between true friends and those who are not.

According to Zonke, "Nkati" symbolizes the formation of a circle of friends who share common values and contribute positively to each other's lives.

So, take a moment to reflect on the type of friendships you cultivate. Are they the kind that uplift and inspire? Choose wisely, for having genuine friends is essential on life's journey.

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