Peter Banda Returns to FCB Nyasa Big Bullets After Parting Ways with Simba in Tanzania



Peter Banda

In a significant development for FCB Nyasa Big Bullets, Peter Banda, the talented footballer, has rejoined the team after terminating his contract with Simba of Tanzania. Banda's return has been eagerly awaited by fans and officials alike, and his arrival at the Chileka Airport earlier today was met with considerable excitement.

Upon his arrival, Banda wasted no time and proceeded directly to the Bullets' offices, where he officially signed the necessary paperwork. Speaking to Wa Ganyu, he expressed his satisfaction with the decision, stating, "This is a confirmation that I am back," leaving no doubts about his commitment to the club.

The deal between Banda and FCB Nyasa Big Bullets entails a four-month contract, ensuring his presence on the team until December of this year. This signing is expected to bolster the team's strength and contribute to their competitiveness in upcoming matches.

The return of such a talented player is sure to ignite enthusiasm among fans, raising expectations for the team's performance in the upcoming matches. With the resumption of Banda's association with FCB Nyasa Big Bullets, the team's prospects are poised to improve, making this a momentous occasion for both the player and the club.

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