Mysterious Death in Amalika Forest : Investigation Underway as Villagers Clash with Guards


Photo credit: Google

A man named Stanzio Gongoni, aged 45, was found deceased in Amalika forest in Thyolo.

It is reported that he had entered the forest a week prior with the intention of cutting grass. The village head woman, Sakoma, has confirmed that the burnt remains of the deceased were discovered recently after an extensive search of the forest.

In response to this tragic event, Sakoma has informed Zodiak Online that a group of enraged individuals from four neighboring villages allegedly attacked three security guards at the forest office.

It is feared that these guards may have lost their lives during the assault.

Both the Limbe police and Mulli Brothers Limited, the owners of the forest area, have expressed their commitment to investigating the incident thoroughly. They are currently engaged in this investigation to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the discovery of Stanzio Gongoni's body and to determine the events that unfolded in the forest.

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