Namadingo Gives Mikozi A Middle Finger




Music sensation Patience Namadingo, has taken hiatus from doing business with Mikozi citing as the reason that content published about him on the platform tends to be negative and very toxic.

The singer shared why is no longer vibing with the blog company especially lately after Mikozi belittled some milestones that he has achieved in his music career.

The whole thing started in May this year when gospel singer Kelvin Sings left the country to boost his career in US.

In a mockery way, Mikozi praised Sings for not being too loudy over his new adventure compared to other artist who makes a lot of noise after performing in a neighboring Mozambique.

"Zoti wakaimba ku Chicago, stage yaikulu zedi , nkumaimbisa azungu chichewa... Kuli ziii sakukamba... Ngati ali pa Mozambique wapa Mwanza pompa" posted Mikozi. 

These sentiments didn't go down very well with Doc who rushed to the post to outpour his disappointments with the blogging company.

It is believed that Namadingo felt directly attacked with the post because it was him who had a couple of sold out shows in Mozambique and of course he made some noise about it. 

"Sometimes I wish I answered you. But God will answer you one day, you belittle me and find pleasure in doing so." reads one part of his reply on the post.

Namadingo and Mikozi had a solid working relationship from way back when Namadingo was doing fundraising for cancer center construction at Queen's Elizabeth Central Hospital.

Their relationship took unexpected twists when Namadingo had disagreements with fellow musicians, Onesmus and Lulu. And Mikozi indirectly was reallying behind his rivals.

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