Hilco Asks Starval Out In Mzika



It was on the evening of 3rd May, 2023 in Malawi when the stars of the night made their debut. Starval Stevens and Hilco released their  single "Nzika", a soulful Pasada duet that perfectly blended their artistic sounds into one poignant love anthem.

Nzika is an ode to love as the two vocal powerhouses  express the admiration and appreciation for one another.

The Song speaks about the bond that the two have and are committed to continue the love journey forever.The lyrics emphasize how they complement each other in life. 

The song is beautiful blend of genres but the common element in it is the well arranged lyrics as the two incorporate their signature soulful and passionate sounds into the Sispense produced record.

Nzika is Starval's 2023 debut and he has anounced next song in two months.

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