We are starving to death with libido- men in Freddy camps



Photo credit : Aljazeera

Some men living in camps, after being displaced by Cyclone Freddy, have admitted that they might die of libido should they continue living without 'eating' their wives.

"I've never been with my wife since we came here," said one of the men at a camp in Blantyre, "the situation is getting out of hand. The libido is unfathomable. I need to meet my wife. I cry!"

Speaking in an interview, Wednesday, most men that spoke to this reporter in various camps suggested that government and other stakeholders must consider setting up a separate room where men should be meeting their wives, atleast. 

"Women are very important," remarked another victim, "We're men. We need women almost daily. Remember, this Cyclone interrupted us. We were freely enjoying our wives, at times six times a day. Imagine cutting that pleasure abruptly."

In March this year, some Malawians in southern part were displaced by Cyclone Freddy; thousands others died.

The department of disaster management arranged temporary camps for the destitute where, unfortunately, men are separated from their spouses a phenomena that has obstructed couples from enjoying the nector of matrimony. 

"We are not being ungrateful," roared another man, "We thank whosoever took an initiative to take us here. But then, we need our wives. We need their things. We're dying."

Another man, supposedly, in his middle 60s confessed, he has a very dangerous libido that requires a woman within his range, else he looses appetite for food and withdraws from any social interaction. 

He recounted, when he was within the comfort of his home in Blantyre, he could 'eat' his wife atleast ten times daily and that improved his healthy lifestyle. 

"I get very hard down here," he said, "very hard that I can even destroy things. My lust is very strange. Ndimabanika without enjoying a woman. I love sleeping with women. Government must consider our conjugal rights and values. We are dying inside."

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