Allegik By Onesmus Hit or Miss?



Singer Onesmus

Some quick reviews postulate that Allegik song by the flamboyant Onesmus is not living to the expectations of many of his fans.

A snapshot from conversations that poured barely some minutes after the song's release depict how most people that had great expectations have been frustrated. 

Graham, a Facebook user, describes the song as the worst in the history of the once giant singer who had the antics that sent major prophets to dancefloors. 

"All things equal," he said, "the song is trash. It shouldn't have come from Onesmus. I personally reserve so much respect for him. Allegik is a dummy. Raw stuff."

The song had been popularised before its release, a phenomena that raised expectations very high in most music pundits.

Successive social media posts, on the artist's social media pages, displayed the song as one of the best from the self-styled 'African butterfly'

"Too much gobshites!" bellowed another fanatic on Twitter, "that's not a song we can expect from such a big artist. It sounds very basic from the beat."

Others suggested, this denotes the artist's downfall. 

Nevertheless, Onesmus, once ECG jesus nation choir master stands his grounds, bragging that the song is world class; worth the trend.

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