Rapper Toastt Vows To Beat DJ Joy Nathu For Sidelining His Songs



Rapper Toastt

Blantyre based rap musician, Toastt, has accused country's celebrated radio DJ, Joy Nathu for being corrupt. He however has vowed  that at any given encounter, Toastt will punch Joy Nathu in the face.

These remarks came out when another musician, 6th accused Nathu for being unfair with his playlists. 6th said that he has a proof that Joy Nathu collects bribes from upcoming artists but never play their songs.

In a long threatening Facebook post, 6th said he is ready to expose Joy Nathu and said he will never submit his songs to him for premiers again.

In a short but a bitter way, Toastt commented on the post that him too is  fedup with Joy Nathu's biasness and the only way to teach him a lesson is by punching him in the face when they meet.

Over the past few years, there have been rumours that the MBC radio 2 FM DJ, only plays songs of local musicians who bribe him.

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