Mady P Visits Area 18 Cemetery To Pay Tributes To Martse



It is probably impossible to assume where rap  and urban music in Malawi would be without the input of the late Martse.

Martse, is arguably the best rap brand to ever come out of this country. And,  as a way of honoring the fallen icon, Mady P visited his grave to continue paying tribute.

Mady P who rebrands himself as Don Gogo, posted his picture  paying a vist to the grave of Martse at area 18 cemetery with a heart melting caption.

In the post, the co-founder of Mabilinganya Empire revealed that him and Martse worked on a joint together. He however said that the song will see the light of the day in the near future.

Meanwhile music fans in the country are puzzled with Mady P's  posthumous love towards Martse because the two music giants portrayed themselves as enemies. For example they used to get engaged in online war before the "Mwano" song architecture passed away.

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