Kuwala Creatives Partners with InHouse Media to Host Malawi Night Live Show in Blantyre



Denis Imaan

Kuwala Creatives has partnered with InHouse Media to host a live music show in Blantyre on March 4, 2023. The event, called Malawi Night Live, will be held at Scallas Cafe and will feature performances from some of Malawi's top artists, including Hyphen, Zonke, Mellz, Rina, and Aycee James.

According to Kuwala Creatives CEO Dennis Imaan, the event is an opportunity to showcase the best of Malawian music and culture. He said that the company is committed to creating a platform for local artists to reach new audiences and to promote Malawian culture.

“we are very happy that the time is nearing and we are very hopeful that Malawians will enjoy the Malawi nights ever than before” added imaan.

InHouse Media founder fatsani Kalonda expressed his excitement about the event, stating that it is a chance for new talents to shine. He added that the event is a significant opportunity for the Malawian music industry and a chance for local businesses to showcase their products and services.

The event will feature a range of activities, including music, food, games, and kachasu. Tickets will be available for K2000 at the door.

The series of the Malawi night shows will be sponsored by the grant from COSOMA which is a significant boost for Kuwala Creatives and the local music industry and is expected to help create new opportunities for Malawian artists and businesses, and raise the profile of Malawian music and culture.

The CEO of Kuwala Creatives, expressed his excitement about the grant, stating that it will enable the company to create more opportunities for Malawian artists to showcase their talents. He added that the company is committed to promoting Malawian culture and creating a platform for local artists to reach new audiences.

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    thats a nice development chekalonda...thats a way to go..keep pushing

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