43-Year Old Man Jailed For Woman Assault In LL


The Second Grade Magistrate Court in Lilongwe has slapped a 43 year old man, Willard with 3 years imprisonment for assaulting a woman in Area 22, Lilongwe.

The court heard that the convict, in 2021, grievously assaulted Elufe Gideon which led to permanent blindness on her right eye.

The assault occurred during a confrontation between the two over car parking space.

Delivering her ruling,  Magistrate Taonga Muwalo said the convict deserved close to 7 years custodial sentence but considering that he also suffered head injury, the court has considered a sentence of 3 years in jail with hard labour.

Speaking to angaliba defence lawyer Mwayi Banda said he will consult his client on the next move.

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