“If I Get Sick I Will Not Ask People To Donate Money For Medical Bills, I’m Rich” Doc



I'm making more than enough money : Namadingo

One of the iconic musicians in the country, Patience Namadingo has stirred havoc on social media after he made fun of fellow musicians who ask for financial bailouts in order to get advanced medical treatment outside the country.

Namadingo who on 31st  December, 2022 went live on  Facebook  to address his conflict with Lulu, said that he uses his haters such as Lulu to make more money so that after retirement from music he won’t be bothering people to help him with funds for medications.

The statement invited heavy criticism as some music pundits and fans are after the star’s neck to retract the statement and apologize.

Lulu needs to humble himself and learn from me : Namadingo

In 2020, veteran musician Lucius Banda, asked the general public to help him fly to India where he got treated of kidney failure. Several senior citizens including president Chakwera donated towards the trip.

Several musicians in the past have also done the same, including the ‘Ndathera Pano’ crooner, Geofrey Zigoma  who flew to several countries to seek cancer treatment, unfortunately he passed away.

“Ngati iweyo ukuona kut uli ndi ndalama ingokhala chete, ukuyankhulira chibwana.”  Commented Maganizo Matemba on the video.

Social Commentator Dickson Nyanga, has advised Namadingo and other artists to guard their tongues before uttering statements that will provoke hatred and have possibilities to cause serious negative developments in the entertainment industry.     

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