Sukez told to avoid cronyism in next movies



Video Director - Sukez

Some very few, lucky Malawians who have managed to watch Fatsani movie have faulted  Sukez for ropping in some very untalented actors on bloodlines.

One movie reviewer, Andrew Bocagone posted on his Facebook account, stressing that the selection of actors for the movie was a very big problem. 

Andrew who, however, hailed the production team for some commendable work on location selection and direction of photography further quashed the storyline, citing it is very ambiguous and not plausible.

In his reaction, Omar Suman, another reviewer, concurred with Andrew, saying Fatsani, an alleged cousin to Sukez, is not an actor.

He  said; "Fatsani uja si actor koma ndi m'bale wawo a that project manager mwaiona?

Koma kuli anthu oti can hold that part bohboh koma aline connection to that deal. Chotsani that spirit boss Sukez."

In total, there are close to four actors in the movie who are allegedly related to Sukez Sukali, a revelation that some are describing as cronyism that would retrogress the movie industry in the country. 

On his part, Sukez said he had noted some areas of improvements suggested by the reviewers and would work on them in next projects.

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