Rapper Mwanache Claims He Was Invited To Join Satanism



Rapper : Mwanache

Area 25 –rap sensation Mwanache, claims that he turned down an open invitation to join a secret movement associated with influential people around the world called  Illuminate.

Rapping on his song tagged “Khululukire” featuring melodious vocals of the fastest rising star, Kellie Devine, Mwanache says his rejection landed him in big troubles and he nearly died.

 “Satan ankafuna ndiziyenda naye sindinalore{ Satan wanted me to join him but I refused}” heard Mwanache in his stylishly fast flow.

Illuminate is believed to be a most powerful and savagely restricted society that  make key decisions and influences that control the entire world. It is said to be led by  Satan.

Most celebrities including musicians, athletes and politicians are rumored to be members of illuminate.

On the song that was released early this year, Mwanache revealed that the rejection of the invitation endangered his life but believe that God spared his him.

Satan wanted me to join him but I refused

Taking closer attention to the lyrics, Mwanache sounds like he was asked to sacrifice someone he loves the most to the secret society but he refused.

“They tried to scare me ndinalolera kuti I should die myself” the rapper says.

“I was so brave and on top of that the Lord saved me, He did not want me to die before I see you.” Raps the former fuel attendant at area 25 fueling station on a song dedicated to his daughter.

Fans believe that Mwanache’s art and influence in entertainment industry started to wilt after he turned down that offer.


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