Namadingo vocals are guttural- Lulu fans



Namadingo (Left) Lulu (right) in a verbal war

The stunt, mistaken as a real enemity, between Namadingo and Lulu has gotten fans into an intense verbal altercation with both throwing very destructive missiles on each other. 

A viral video depicting Lulu and Namadingo dismaying each other in an apparent stunt ahead of their new year eve show has seen fans, for both, fury and fiery while challenging that their artist is better than  the other. 

"Lulu is not a good singer," declared one of Namadingo fans. "His lyrics are babyish. A wailing dunderhead. He is forcing things."

Lulu needs to humble himself and learn from me : Namadingo

"Inu, Namadingo's vocals are very guttural," weighed in a Lulu worshipper, "if forcing vocals was a person, he could have been that crook. A very big crook who resigned from gospel to earthly pleasures."

Another Namadingo fan pulled a very scathing statement. A refreshment of Lulu's old, devastating family life. His snatched wife saga!

"He brags to be a family man?" He wondered, "is he remarried kodi? Because I recall, other guys snatched his wife away from him when he miserably failed to fend for her. Don't compare idiots to the Doc."

I don't have time for him (Namadingo): Lulu

Now, this stretched things far. It dragged Lulu fans into a fresh battle field. The relationship side of the two embattled artists. 

"So, you want us to talk about that right?," asked Lulu's fan, "your idol is afraid to get married. Pretending to still be young. He is ageing. He must marry that woman. She cant wait any longer."

As we went to press, the feud between fans of the two had reached despicable levels. Latest statements are more unprintable and not suitable for the press.

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