Capital hill overwhelmed! Hundreds of primary school teachers in Rumphi demand to retire over harsh working conditions


Inside sources at Capital  hill, Human Resource department, have disclosed that they are receiving overwhelming numbers of primary school teachers from Rumphi district council who demand to retire.

The sources are confiding in us that on daily average they attend to over 20 primary  school teachers from district who are demanding to retire on voluntary basis.

"Some are very young to retire. Something is not going on well that side. It has been a trend over the recent years," said one of the sources, on condition  of anonymity. 

One of the teachers in Rumphi, name withheld, is telling us that authorities from both the district council and district education manager are very tough on teachers hence the trend.

He says; "working in Rumphi is a gamble. They treat us as slaves. Call us names. The general working environment in here is very hostile. 

This is compelling alot of teachers to file retirement letters. You may come to investigate this for yourself. Almost everyone wishes to retire here."

Another teacher weighs in; "Talk about promotions, people work on the same grade for over 30 years. Too much corruption at the district council. People are tired. They just want to retire and rest. There is too much mediocrity over here."

The Intel at the human resource department further told this reporter that a team from their office was sent to Rumphi recently to investigate more on the matter. 

"The team is on the ground, investigating the issue. Once a report is finalised, you'll be notified,  accordingly," he said.

Teachers are said to be key to the economic development of the country but, they happen to be the least cared for in the country. 

On Tuesday, the country will be commemorating word teachers day while most teachers continue to live very miserable lives in rural areas. 

Minister of education, Agnes Nyalonje, is, however, upbeat that her ministry will try to improve the welfare of teachers in the long run.

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