Ministry Of Health Dismisses Corruption Allegations From Nurses



Ministry of Health has refuted claims that they did not release results of the walk-in interviews that the Ministry conducted in February and June in the year 2022.

National Organization of Nurses and Midwives of Malawi (NONM) states in a press statement that Ministry of Health did not release results of the said walk-in interviews.

Following the advert from the Ministry of Health, NONM's press statement that was signed by its President Shouts Galang'anda urged the Ministry to pend the walk-in interviews that has set to be held on 4th November, 2022.

Galang'anda states that the people that attended the two said interviews are likely to also be the ones to attend the next set of interviews hence a need of proper explanation on the reason why the Ministry did not release the results.

NONM urged the Ministry to release the results without any delay.

In an interview, Ministry of Health Spokesperson Adrian Chikumbe said that the Ministry is ready to recruit Health Personals hence cannot conduct interviews without releasing results as indicated by NONM.

According to Chikumbe the said allegations are false as the Ministry released the results of the  said walk-in interviews and others have already started working.

He added that as of now 82 individuals are on the waiting list of being recruited in addition to the number of people they recruited after the walk-in interviews.

Source : Dziko FM

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