Mixed Reactions As Martse's Brother, Prophet Chikoko Face Law Suit



News that Jeromy Nkhata, brother to the late Martse is facing defamation law suit along with some selfstyled South African based Malawian prophet has divided opinions in the country. 

The two who recently stormed the social media, parading what was thought to be events that led to the mysterious death of their brother, have been sued by Gwamba, Kell Kay and Ephraim Nyondo. 

The trio posted, in reaction to the viral videos by the sued, that they'd make sure they clear their names for the sake of their future generations and families. 

In the videos,  Jerome implicated Ephraim Nyondo, Communications director for ECG church nation as one of the people his brother had conversed with before he died, mysteriously. 

The prophet, on the other hand, alleged, in a separate viral video that three people were involved in the syndicate that killed Martse. 

Of the three, Gwamba and Ephraim Nyondo were accused of taking a leading role. Kell Kay was partly involved. 

In pursuit of clearing their names, the three have sort the intervention of the high court, suing the two.

Comments monitored on the social media part ways in that, while others are supporting the complainants for coming out to defend their innocence, others believe  the three have overreacted.

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