Tempers flare as Mzuni male students launch anti-blessers campaign


Some male Mzuzu University students have launched a paparazzi campaign aimed at exposing their female counterparts who are allegedly going out with married men. 

The campaign which has been inspired by a scandal involving some alleged female student who was caught in act, at a lodge has since been described as an 'intrusion into privacy' by the female students.

The paparazzi who are taking pictures of cars that are visiting some female hostels in the campus and publish them on students' social media platforms have since vowed that they will not relent on exposing blesser-students relationships.

Meanwhile, while others are taking pleasure in the campaign, others have warned, they'll take the so called paparazzi to task.

Some female students we spoke to, lamented the behaviour by some male students, citing that not all men that visit them in hostels are blessers.

"Some are our uncles and parents. Taking photos and publishing them is defamatory. Others will face law suits," said one student, on condition of anonymity.

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