Zoey Seboe, Miss SA finalist praised for flaunting rare skin condition



A 22-year-old South African girl, Zoey Seobe is receiving praise and support from all angles of the world as she flaunts her unique appearance on Miss SA platform.

The law student said in her media statement that she entered Miss SA the opportunity to empower herself and others.

She said: “I entered because I am ready to face my power and embrace my future. I believe the Miss SA platform is closely aligned with the social causes I support.”

“I believe I should win because I am driven to take this platform to the next level, not just in diversity and inclusion but in breaking stereotypes that have been consciously and unconsciously perpetuated towards those who look different.

“My goal is to inspire people to believe in themselves and to promote a fair representation of diversity and inclusion on platforms that help us define our collective and cultural narrative.”

On her Instagram account, Zoey has shared several motivational posts about self-acceptance. “It defines part of my very own existence”, she said in one post about her skin condition.

It’s not just Zoey Sidebe’s beauty that has captured the attention of Miss SA fans – it’s also her confidence and commitment to being included in

She’s already inspired many who are amazed by her high spirits and they say they have her vote.

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