Kottana Chidyaonga's False Postmortem Result Boils Legal Expert



Lawyer, Alexious Kamangira has said that there is great need for retrial of cases in which Dr. Charles Dzamalala's postmortem reports were used. Lawyer Kamangira has said this just few days after Medical Council of Malawi (MCM) found pathologist , Dr Dzamalala guilty of medical negligence over Kottana Chidyaonga's postmortem report.

Dr. Dzamalala made headlines last week after reports emerged that he was found guilty after charged with unprofessional conduct and medical negligence over postmortem he conducted that late Timmy's girlfriend, Kottana, died of termec poison.

Through a Facebook post reaction, lawyer Kamangila, says it is very vital  to revisit cases in which Dr. Dzamalala's postmortem reports were used and brought back to High Court for retrial.

Alexious Kamangila says that he believes that it is not only Kottana's report that was discharged unprofessionally and negligently.

“All cases in which Dr. Dzamalala’s postmortem report was used and a conviction was entered, should be brought back to the high court for re-trial. This is the least that can happen.

“LAB, CHREAA, SALC, MHRC and the Judiciary do your job, this is the only effective remedy in these circumstances that can be inferred from section 46 as read together with section 42 of the constitution of Malawi,” said Kamangila in a Facebook post.

In the meantime, Dr Charles Dzamalala's lawyer, James Naphambo has said that his client is not satisfied with Medical Council's decision on the autopsy report and he will appeal.

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