Artists and Fans React to Eli Njuchi's comeback single ‘Gu Gu Gu'



Artists and fans have been reacting after Eli Njuchi returned on Monday night with "Gu Gu Gu" .

The song serves as Eli's second single from the forthcoming album since January's "Why", and an accompanying music video has been shared for the single, directed by Vinny Visuals.

Lately, some critics have been saying that Eli's era was coming to an end due to wave of fresh afro-pop singers in the industry, the likes Driemo and Rashley.

Following the release of the track and video, artists and fans alike have been hailing the return of Eli Njuchi. Mzuzu based singer, Toolie tweeted: “I just finished this new Eli Njuchi Video. Bruh…,” later adding: “I gotta step my game up n****s is built different.”

Other artists including Gwamba, Roy View and Avokado have also praised the former Silver House Record Label artist for being creative.

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