Zahara Comes Open About Her House Being Auctioned


Zahara has asked Kaizer Chiefs to lend her a stadium and ambulances for her to have music concert and raise funds to pay off her house. 

In an interview with Daily Sun on Wednesday, the good singer said that she thinks Kaizer Chiefs could help her with her financial troubles. 

“I want to approach Kaizer Chiefs to help me. I promise to do great. I just want to have a concert, not just for me but my fans and family too.”  

“I just want to sing my heart out. I can do a three-hour show. All I’m asking for is the sound equipment, stadium, and ambulances as well as other things.” 

Kaizer Chief said they’ll get back to her after discussing it at a management meeting tomorrow. 

The Loliwe hitmaker also went live on TikTok on Monday asking for donations and her fans promised to donate. 

Zahara is collapsing under the heavy load of debts she is carrying on her shoulders. She is owing Nedbank for mortgage bond and her house was going to be auctioned. Standard Bank also want to repossess *her* Range Rover after she failed to keep up with her monthly installment since 2020. She got a R1,5 million loan from the bank to buy the SUV. The home loan was R1.9 million.

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