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MacGuyver "MacG"  Mukwevho, the South African host of world's third most watched podcast, Chill with MacG, recently spilt the beans on the real reasons he was sacked  as a presenter on YFM. 

He told the story of how he got himself into some hot water the second time around on the Monday episode of his podcast.

Mukwevho shared that the reason for his dismissal was because of him disappearing to have sex with a girl she had been after for some time.

In the episode, the crew was playing a popular drinking game called “Never have I Ever”, when Mac G told a shocking story of how it all happened and how he got sacked.

“So I did the first show Friday, and then Saturday there’s this girl I met at the club, and this girl I’ve been wanting like for months. The hottest thing you’ve ever seen.”

He spoke about how he ended up losing track of time with the girl and forgetting to line up the music while he was doing the naughty.

“So we go. I do my show, I do the first link then we go outside. I thought I cued up the show so I’ve got like 30 minutes. I’m out there working my magic. Ah dog within an hour or so I lost track of time because she was playing hard to get. I got so many calls saying ‘You have been off fair since your last link’.

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