‘TeknoKiss?’: Fans are amused by FredoKiss's new hairstyle



Rapper FredoKiss in new hairstyle

FredoKiss has had his followers doing a double take after he debuted a new hairstyle overnight…

The "Sindikwatira" hitmaker, posted on his Facebook page a picture of partly braided hair with a well shaped low cut(Tekno haircut), a thing that did not go well with some of his fans.

Some of the fans commented that they were expecting a new song not a new hairstyle.

As recently as late November, FredoKiss also cerebrated as Ntchana sported in his trademark look – bad hair– with his signature  bandanna.

FredoKiss has been quite in music circle and has not perform since last year. It is believed that the rapper is putting all efforts on his political career.

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