Gwamba mocks Fredokiss's free shows


Gwamba may have silenced haters and doubters with his successful show at Mzuzu Stadium, but he has just opened a whole can of worms with shot he randomly fired which many believe, goes to Fredo.

The 'Sindingasiye Bawa' hit maker took his fans by surprise when he said his paid mzuzu show was better than the previous free show. Fredokiss's show was the previous that Mzuzu Stadium hosted.

AK & FredoKiss

People have lately been questioning the relationship between  the two rappers. 'Sindikwatira' star, Fredokiss never promoted Gwamba's show on his social sites. And Gwamba never wished Fredo a happy birthday this year which has been their routine in previous occasions. Instead FredoKiss shared Gattah's King Wa Street Concert witch was just away from Gwamba's Mzuzu show.

Early this morning, Gwamba posted a status praising himself for filling up stadiums. One fan commented that the show was cheap he shouldn't brag about it. Gwamba who calls himself HipHop Landlord replied that his show was better than the previous (FredoKiss) free show on the same venue.

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